Chrome – An unusual larger blank space can be seen between two “Education” articles even though there is no advertisement displayed there

Window 10, Chrome – You cannot interact with the “Sudoku” puzzle when clicking on “Play” in the “Puzzle” section of the url page


  1. Open de website Url
  2. Click on the “Puzzles” section
  3. Scroll down to the “Wordwheel” category.
  4. Click on “Play” in the “Wordwheel” category.
  5. Click on “Yesterday’s puzzles”
  6. View the “Sudoku” Puzzle
  7. Click on “Play” on the sudoku puzzle

Actual result

The screen goes up a bit, and the “Play” button doesn’t allow to interact with the sudoku puzzle even if you press it several times, when you press play it is understood that you are going to play sudoku but it is not possible.

Expected result

After clicking “Play” in the “Sudoku” game in the “Wordwheel” section, I should be redirected to the Puzzle play area.

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